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History/Background Information: Laidlow states: "Two varieties of the medal exist. One the first the coat of arms and the flags are smooth. On the second (presumably altered later) there is hatching on the coat of arms and on the flags.

Shell medals normally have a cardboard interior and are lightweight. Recently one of these medals was opened up and three steel discs were found to be inside. The weight of the outer casing was 17 gm and the 3 discs 11 gm.

St Helena, a small island about 1000 miles off the west coast of Africa, has a long history as a military prison. Napoleon Bonaparte was imprisoned there from 1815 until his death on the island in 1821. The Zulu chief, Dinizulu, son of Cetschwayo, was found guilty of treason for resisting the annexation of Zululand and imprisoned there between 1890 and 1897.

During the Anglo-Boer War the British decided, for logi