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International Numismatic Collectables (Pty) Ltd

International Numismatic Collectables (Pty) Ltd is the brainchild and result of my personal attachment to all things numismatic. From owning my very first coin as a young schoolboy, a poor condition 1826 Great British Farthing, to having the privilege of owning arguably the most iconic of South African coins, the 1902 ZAR Veldpond and other numismatic treasures, the journey has been thoroughly fulfilling. 

It is against this backdrop, that I founded the company with a vision to provide premium numismatic items with a special focus on South African coinage to aid collectors and investors obtain these exquisite treasures bridging the gap between source and destination. Furthermore as members of various collector and numismatic societies, we are committed to creating awareness and stimulating interest in this wonderful field.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Valuations;

  • Trading (buying and selling);

  • Collecting;

  • Research;

  • Coin photography;

  • Auction planning and liaison;

  • Advisory services; and

  • Numismatic estate planning

On our online numismatic store, you will find items of varying degrees of rarity, condition, value and eras to cater for all types of buyers. 

"Numismatics provide pieces of history that transcend time, captivate the viewer and speak volumes."


Mohammed Jadwat

Founder and Director

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