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History/Background Information: Silver 1/2 Reale coin struck in Mexico (a then Spanish Colony) during the reign of Carlos III. The El Cazador Wreck (C.1784) one of history's most famous, was wrecked in bad weather in early 1784 containing nearly 400,000 pesos of newly minted silver which was intended to replace the worthless paper currency in Spanish Louisiana. The wreck was discovered in 1993 nearly 209 years after sinking. Spanish silver coinage or Reales was an important medium of exchange in the new world and formed the basis of many a nation's coinage.

Certification: NGC Genuine (Guaranteed authentic from the El Cazador Shipwreck)

Condition Notes: A historic piece containing much intrigue. Exhibiting the usual corrosion which is to be expected on a coin having spent almost 210 years at the bottom of the ocean.

Mintage: Unknown


El Cazador Shipwreck: (1772-83) Spanish Colonies (Mexico) 1/2R NGC Certified

R2 000,00Price
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