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History/Background Information: Part of the legendary Griquatown series of coins purportedly the first coinage series to be struck for use by a South African people. Minted some time in the year 1815/16 these pieces occupy a special place on the history of South African numismatics. Refer to "The Truth of the Griqua Coinage" by Pierre H Nortje for further reading on this wonderful subject.

Certification: NGC AU58 (Choice About Uncirculated/Mint State)

Condition Notes: Beautifully struck in high quality silver. Toned by time in a variety of attractive colours. In my opinion uncirculated, with slight brushing being mistaken for wear by the grader. Very few a known to have survived and an unknown mintage adding to its mystique. A very rare find and one that seldom presents itself. 

Mintage: Unknown


POP Statistics: 3 in AU58 with only 5 finer (NGC Stats)


Reference: Hern GT1

S. Africa: 1815/16 Griquatown 10 Pence NGC Certified AU58

R60 000,00Price
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