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History/Background Information: A scarce series issued between 1892 and 1897. Struck at the ZAR mint in Pretoria.  

Certification: NGC MS65 (Gem Unc/MS) - Only 1 in this grade

Condition Notes: No words could do justice to this incredible specimen of a 1895 Sixpence. One of the most beautiful coins I've handled. Silky smooth lustre which seems to seep out of the coin adorns the surfaces which are flawless and free from any significant distraction. Wonderfully toned over the century of its existence. Very scarce in such lofty grade and the only coin graded in MS65. Essentially the finest available specimen as the MS66 is in a long-time collection.  A monumental coin.


POP Statistics: 1 in MS65 with only 1 coin finer in MS66 (NGC Stats) - Second Finest

Mintage: 112 960

Reference: Hern Z8

S. Africa: 1895 ZAR 6D (Sixpence) NGC Certified MS65

R230 000,00Price
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