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History/Background Information: The legendary Sammy Marks tickey of 1898 is a very rare coin struck by or on behalf of the mining tycoon Sammy Marks. A total of 215 pieces were struck in 22 carat gold in the same design as the silver tickeys of 1892–97 and using the official 1898 threepence dies (which now reside in the Mint Museum). Various theories have been put forward in an attempt to explain why and how these pieces were struck.The most accepted version goes something like this…As a gesture of appreciation to Marks for his role as financier to the government, he was allowed the use of the National Mint for one day. Using gold from his own mines, Marks had 215 tickeys struck to give as mementos to friends and family, including Paul Kruger and members of his government.

Certification: PCGS SP62 (Specimen Proof/Uncirculated) 

Condition Notes: A coin of the highest quality and finish noted in its grading of SP62 (Specimen Proof – 62). This legendary coin exhibits a rich orange-gold patina, bright lustre and bold definition. Struck on a polished blank, the fields are prooflike with strong reflective qualities resulting in a “golden mirror” appearance. One of the undoubtedly few coins to have survived in untouched state, neither mounted (as many pieces found their way into jewelry) or mistreated and still retaining its originality indicating that it would have been lovingly cared for throughout its 120+ years of existence. A coin teeming with historical significance and surely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Mintage: 215

Reference: Hern ZP5

S. Africa: 1898 ZAR "Sammy Marks" Gold 3D PCGS Certified SP62

R585 000,00Price
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