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History/Background Information: Obv. ZAR monogram with date below. Rev. "Een Pond." Crudely struck, as all of the Veld Ponds, with a well centered strike. Reported Mintage: 986. Thickly reeded edge. Die state with no slash above "Z" on obverse indicating this coin was struck before the die fault.

The "Veld" or "Field" pond, with its intimate hand-engraved design, occupies a special place in South African numismatics.

An artifact of the final stages of the Boer War, this type was produced from 24-kt gold to pay soldiers, and as the story is generally recounted, was literally coined at a makeshift mint in close proximity to the Pilgrim's Rest battlefield. P.J. Kloppers, who had no professional experience as a die sinker, and had been previously employed as a school teacher, was tasked with the job of creating the dies.

In doing so, he wisely opted for simplicity, illustrating only the the "ZAR" monogram, the date and the denomination, and in doing so, created one of crudest and yet most charming types of the 20th century as can be expected of a type conceived from war, the majority of survivors for this issue were not lovingly cared for. Much like their Burgers pond predecessor, many found their way into jewelry; being inside soldier's pockets, they certainly weren't immediately funneled into collector cabinets. A rare, and popular, type.

Certification: NGC AU55 (Choice About Uncirculated)

Condition Notes: A beautiful example of the Veld Pond. Wholly undergraded no wear apparent on either side and bright lustre adorning the crude surfaces. Visually appealing and in a certified state of presentation that remains highly coveted and seldom available.

Mintage: 986 (reported)

Reference: Hern Z54


S. Africa: 1902 ZAR Gold Veld Pond NGC Certified AU55

R200 000,00Price
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