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History/Background Information: A lesser seen long proof set consisting of the 1959 issues of the 1/4D through to the gold 1 Pound. Part of the QEII issues of the Union of SA struck between 1953 and 1960.

Certification: All NGC Certified as follows:

1) Farthing - PR66 Red and Brown. Mislabeled as a 1/2 Penny.
2) 1/2 Penny - PR65 Red and Brown
3) Penny - PR66 Red and Brown
4) 3 Pence - PR64
5) 6 Pence - PR68. Finest Known
6) Shilling - PR68 Cameo. Finest Known
7) 2 Shillings - PR67. Finest Known
8) 2-1/2 Shillings - PR65
9) 5 Shillings - PR65
10) gold 1/2 Pound - PR66
11) gold Pound - PR66

Condition Notes: A beautifully reserved 1959 long proof set with each coin certified above PF64. Consisting of 3 finest known coins with the shilling being the single finest coin graded by the NGC. The coppers are superbly toned with tones of electric blues and rich reds. The silvers are bright with the shilling showing cameo contrast. The golds are smooth, rich and intriguing. An incredible essemblage.

Mintage: 390 sets


Reference: Hern P33

S. Africa: 1959 QEII Long Proof Set NGC Certified PF64 - PF68 Cameo

R40 000,00Price
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