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History/Background Information: Penny series of Elizabeth II struck between 1953 - 1960 in the Union of SA. 

Certification: NGC MS65RD (Gem Uncirculated) - Double Struck "0" variety.

Condition Notes: An gem penny presented as struck. This coin is the double "0" variety where the 0 in the date seems to be double struck of which only 3 are graded.  Fields immaculately preserved in original red coloration. An interesting find.

Mintage: 5 106 000

POP Statistics: Only 3 graded of this variety all in MS65RD (NGC Stats) - Finest Known

Reference: Hern S117

S. Africa: 1960/0 QEII 1 Penny NGC Certified MS65RD

R4 000,00Price
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