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I N Collectables becomes a member of SAAND

We are pleased to announce that International Numismatic Collectables has been admitted as a member of SAAND, the premier numismatic association in South Africa.

The South African Association of Numismatic Dealers or "SAAND" describes itself as "a respected organization with reputable and trustworthy members in the numismatic industry. Our members aim to promote fairness and transparency in the buying and selling of rare and collectible coins."

"Our admission to the association is testament to the good name that we've built within the industry and will further strengthen our reputation by giving our valued clients added peace of mind. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the current Chairperson Marco Bassani and other members who ratified our inclusion. This is just the latest step in our journey to building a world-class numismatic company who serves the interests of the hobby, collectors, dealers and investors alike." - Mohammed Jadwat (Founder and Director)

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